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Thursday, 6 November 2014

Hms Victory purchase made to improve the kit

Update on a few Purchase made and a few I plan to make shortly. 
A while back I bought these rolls of copper to place over the keel.

They are self adhesive and very very thin, they came in at about £9.00 a roll. I will detail how their application went in future posts.

I also got 100 tiny yellow LED lights to light up the inside of the ship (cost about £7.00 from ebay) I will experiment with painting them to appear like  the lamps used.

Here a close up to show just how small they are
Here a photo of the lamps  to copy
I haveI also come across some wonderful   paper thin wooden decks costing about £70.00 from 

 Other extras for super detailing the cannons on the upper decks have been sourced, and will be ordered when required.

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