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Sunday, 9 November 2014

Hms Victory, painting the hull

Once I had established the internal walls should be whitewashed and not red as stated in the instructions I sprayed the insides with Matt white with a few drops of matt brown to give a it a creamy/stone appearance as suggested by the latest paint analysis research by Micheal Crick-Smith

I might need to make some cladding for some of the insides if the plasticard is visible  once the hull is put together.

Next I sprayed the hull copper, in case any gaps are left between the copper foil when it was applied.

The humbrol metallic paint looks good in this light but is flat and uninspiring when viewed in different light as seen below

Next  a job for the masking tape, mostly tamiyia stuff of different thickness,imagine I will need more than this before the kits done.

Firstly I masked off the copper paint and the areas that are to be painted yellow on  both sides ready for spraying with humbrol  Matt black, I  have decided to use enamel paints  initially and then weather  the ship after building with acrylic paints or pastels/powders.

I suppose you could spray the hull all black and the mask off the black and spray the yellow, but it could take quite a few coats of yellow to cover the black. So I decided to mask off the yellow and spray black, then mask again with low tack/de tacked to spray yellow, 
I also drew around the gondolas and masked off the interiors at the stern.

Two coats of thin black enamel was spayed on the hull.

Then the masking was removed revealing a nice paint job that's starting to look like a ship of the line
Quite exciting this stage as it suddenly starts to feel like your getting somewhere.

Above a close up once the tape has been removed, I left the black paint a few days to fully harden before I started to mask off the black areas in preparation for spraying the yellow stripes.

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